KPIs for APIs with Chris Vogel

API consumption metrics help enterprises align their workforces around digital best practices, understand changing user behavior, derive actionable intelligence, and drive business results. Because APIs are at the heart of digital business interactions, enterprises should embrace metrics rooted in API consumption patterns. Traditional enterprise ROI metrics assume certain conditions—e.g., long payback periods and predictable patterns around transaction volume and pricing strength. Digital business operates under different conditions, such as shorter opportunity windows and more fragmented customer segments, that require different metrics. In this episode, Google Cloud’s Chris Vogel sits down with value advisors Warren Chuei and Alicia Paterson to discuss how to start tracking key performance indicators for APIs and the strategies businesses need to be aware of to grow business value.

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In partnership with Oxford Economics, we surveyed 1,000 CIOs of large organizations to understand their digital business ecosystem strategies—and the benefits they derive from cultivating those relationships. Here’s what we learned.

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