Transforming Healthcare with Interoperability at Humana

The more complex a dataset is, the more difficult it is to build interoperable systems around it. Clinical data is extremely complex, and EHR vendors build and manage their own proprietary data models to handle those data challenges. In this podcast, you’ll hear how Humana is democratizing data and focusing on interoperability as a key pillar in its digital and organizational strategies.

Chris Hood joins Patrick Murta, Chief Interoperability Architect at Humana, to discuss how they’re leveraging Google Cloud, data, and APIs to advance integrated care delivery and transform healthcare within an interoperable ecosystem.

Special Guests

Patrick Murta - Chief Interoperability Architect, Humana

Patrick is Solution Architecture Fellow at Humana and is responsible for the strategy and architecture as it relates to interoperability and providing integrated care delivery.  With more than 20 years in the field, Patrick frequently speaks at industry events and actively participates in industry initiatives.  He currently sits on the coordinating committee for Da Vinci, is one of the chief architects for the ONC FAST initiative, and participates in other initiatives.  He is co-inventor on two patents related to payer business rules management and implementations of payer generated clinical insights.    Patrick’s experience extends to the original HIPAA X12 implementations.  He has architected and implemented enterprise business rules management systems for case and utilization management, predictive models for member health and safety, and bi-directional payer and EHR integration.  

  • Chris Hood - Head of Business Innovation & Strategy, Google Cloud
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