Digital Master Class: Design Strategy with Bird Dogs

A design strategy is an intersection of what’s valuable for customers and what’s profitable for businesses. It is the process of creating a set of guiding principles that articulate the business mission and vision with the design of their products or services. Through it, businesses can answer the question, what’s next. In other words, it ensures your team produces what your business needs to align its success to its customers’ needs.

Product teams are working overtime to fix bugs, ship the next release or update, and handle tactical day-to-day tasks without having the time or resources to think beyond 12 months. Navigating only in the short-term, teams chase down only the things they can see just ahead. But how do teams unlock ambitious multi-year plans, growth strategies, and new products that take the business beyond their current roadmap?

In this episode of our Digital Master Class series, Chris Hood and Natalie Piucco are joined by Golden Krishna to discuss how Google thinks about design strategy, and how organizations can focus on what’s next.

Special Guests
  • Chris Hood - Head of Business Innovation & Strategy, Google Cloud
  • Natalie Piucco - Cloud Technology Strategist, Google Cloud
Digital Master Class Series
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