Leveraging the Cloud to Avoid Value Gaps with Lafayette Howell

For enterprises, the phrase digital transformation has become synonymous with a desire for change. And although at times the term is overused, in most cases it’s fairly easy for the enterprise to say what they want to transform. What is more challenging for them to explain, is why. Lafayette Howell, Head of Cloud Value Advisory from Google Cloud joins the show this week to break down how enterprises tackle complex digital challenges, and why it is critical to understand customer needs to reduce value gaps with your investments in the cloud.

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  • Chris Hood - Head of Business Innovation & Strategy, Google Cloud

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  • I am in a new role leading a magnificent team of Cloud Value Advisors (CVAs) in the South Central region. What’s truly exciting is the opportunity and frankly the challenge, of growing a super high-performing group of individuals to a higher level of impact internally and drive exponential impact with our customers in more innovative ways.

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