Engineering the next digital frontier with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

In this episode, Theo chats with Ash Austin, Practice Lead for Platforms at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (Bendigo) on simplifying the banking experience for more than 1.9 million customers.

As a community-focused bank, Ash shares what it means at Bendigo to put people first, and how Bendigo uses technology as an enabler to support the needs of their customers. He talks about the concept of a service-based model, where products, and skills, from dev-ops to project management, are developed based on the requirements of individual teams. This approach enables the bank to adopt a customer-first mindset. As people’s needs change, particularly since the pandemic, the organization is now exploring the potential of APIs in supporting new business opportunities and building partnerships across different sectors.

Tune in to hear about the frictionless experience that sets Bendigo and Adelaide bank apart, and exciting new projects like their mobile-only digital bank, Up, that is set to transform the way people think about banking.

Special Guests
  • Ash Austin - Practice Lead at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • Theo Davies - Head of Cloud Sales Enablement, JAPAC - Google Cloud
  • Paris Tran - Account Manager, Digital Natives
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