How Apna is using data and AI to drive the gig economy in India

In this episode, Theo speaks to Ronak Shah, Head of Data at As one of the largest gig economies in the world, India is seeing rising numbers among younger people joining the ecosystem. Driven by digital adoption and new ways of working, Apna saw an opportunity to help bridge the gap between employers and potential candidates.

Leveraging data and AI technology, Ronak shares how the company is able to level the playing field for those in the gig economy, and help millions of people achieve their goals. By focussing on what data reveals, Apna is able to apply the learnings to the marketplace, assist in upskilling people and build a community.

With over 22 million on the platform in India, Ronak also shares how Apna maintains safety and security not just in terms of data privacy, but also in creating a collaborative and inclusive space for all to learn from one another. Through quizzes and language aptitude tests, Apna helps recruiters identify skill sets easily, for a good match.

Listen in as Ronak reveals Apna’s global expansion plans to serve one billion users, and provide even more upskilling on the platform.

Special Guests
  • Jay Jenkins - Tech Strategist and Evangelist, JAPAC - Google Cloud
  • Theo Davies - Head of Cloud Sales Enablement, JAPAC - Google Cloud
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