Service, Safety, and Sustainability with The Winning Group

Welcome to the brand new APAC Podcast! On our inaugural episode, Group CTO John Hanna shares the techniques and technologies The Winning Group employs to provide the best shopping experience for consumers.

With all the exciting advances in technology available today, John tells us how he and Winning choose which technologies to leverage for the maximum benefit to customers. Service, safety, and sustainability, the main criteria in this decision, steer them in a direction that best services the customer, keeps employees safe, and is environmentally sustainable. Along with the Three Ss, Winning’s customer-centric Four Strategic Pillars keep the business running smoothly, and John tells us more about each one.

Later, John explains the importance of purpose and people in any organizational decision. Regardless of technologies or platforms, companies need a good strategy and a great team to realize goals. He stresses the need for sustainability education and transparency in the business world and explains how Winning is incorporating their CARE framework to reach business goals through environmentally conscious means. To start thinking sustainably, John suggests retailers look first at the needs of their customers to limit waste. Retailers have a responsibility to be more involved in the sustainable value chain journey from manufacturing to sale, and technologies like blockchain help by increasing transparency and simplifying the process across all points in the chain.

We wrap up with a conversation about the Metaverse and how it may change the retail world.

Special Guests
  • Jay Jenkins - Tech Strategist and Evangelist, JAPAC - Google Cloud
  • Theo Davies - Head of Cloud Sales Enablement, JAPAC - Google Cloud
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